From the Michigan Chapter:
Robert Spehar
, also in the Travelers’
Century Club, completed all 318 destinations with his trip to
South Sudan…
Kathy Sinclair
and family visited Switzerland …
John Carroll
took on the Olympic
Games in London where he
witnessed the Olympic fever and
the colorful atmosphere. John had
visited previous Summer Games in
1976, 1992 and 1996. He returned
with his wife,
, also a
C i rc umna v i ga t o r f o r t he
Paralympics…Washington DC
Chapter members:
Bill Ashley
traveled extensively throughout the
South Pacific, enjoying the remnants of World War II with the most
exciting stop at the ruins of Nan Nadol in Pohnpei, Micronesia. He
then left for a trip to Balkan countries, including Serbia, Kosovo,
Maceodonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Croatia, Sovenia and even the Republic of Srpska (yes, it was new
to him, too)…Chapter President
Samuel Watson
and his wife
Wendy Fibison visited Paris to celebrate their 25th wedding
anniversary…Club VP
Ellen Parke
traveled to Israel with a group
from her church, St. John’s (Episcopal) Lafayette Square, known as
the “Church of Presidents”…Pacific Northwest members: our
seagoing member,
Dr. Johann Duenhoelter,
is exploring the inside
passage of British Columbia on his diesel-powered cruiser…
and his wife Edna traveling to Croatia for a combined
boat/bicycle tour of the Adriatic before flying to Warsaw to meet
the Archbishop of Seattle for a tour…Chapter President
Stotts and his wife
traveled to Denmark with a stopover
visit to Iceland.
The Yale Club
of New York City
50 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York,
New York 10017
The Yale Club is
Headquarters for the
Club allowing mem-
bers to utilize the facility for private dining, special events,
cocktail receptions and meetings. The club offers three
restaurants including the elegant Roof Dining Room, the
pub-like Grill Room and the Yale-inspired Tap Room.
Members will have access to these rooms by making a
reservation through the Circumnavigators Club Executive
Director. There are also well-appointed guest rooms
available from studios to suites. When booking an
overnight stay, guests have full access to the club including
all three restaurants, a full-service library, and a fitness
facility with a swimming pool, squash courts, cardio
equipment and free weights. Once a reservation is made,
a personal credit card is required upon arrival. Reservations
must bemade through the Executive Director – please
contact headquarters at 201-612-9100 or email at
Please do not call the
Yale Club directly.
If you would like Club cards, please contact Headquarters
at 201-612-9100 or
. The Club
Card is to be used to promote the Circumnavigators Club.
If you are chatting with a prospectivemember, give this
card to them so they can look at our website and contact
Headquarters if they have further questions. Your name,
membership number, e-mail address and optional per-
sonal phone number will be on the card
John Carroll
at the
Olympic Games in London.
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