2019 – Photo contest – Flora and Fauna

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FIRST PLACE, Photographer: Paul Buescher, Chapter: Seattle
Violet-Bellied Hummingbird (Equador)
The Hummingbirds at Buanaventura Forest Reserve were fairly cooperative. They would perch near the feeders. I did not know the wings had been raised until I reviewed my images.
SECOND PLACE, Larry Glick, At Large
Orangutan Obsession (Borneo)
The Danum Valley of Borneo, Malaysia is possibly the most pristine wild place left on earth.  I was walking by myself looking for a Bornean Bristlehead (world top 50 bird endemic).   Without warning I wondered into a family of 14 or 15 orangutans.  I just sat down- they somehow realized I wasn’t a threat.  For about 45 minutes I stayed with this troop.  It was mesmerizing,  and one of the truly unforgettable experiences I have ever had. 
THIRD PLACE, Henry Restarick, At Large
Whale Tail (Antarctica)
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David Mink, New York Metro, Egret takes off, Action on the pond in Bonita Springs, Florida
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David Mink, New York Metro. Chaos at the river, Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania
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Pamela Girtman
Naples Chapter
Landscape or Flora & Fauna category
“The Path Ahead Into the Foret de Soignes.”
… The Belgians adore walks in their amazing forest.
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Ann Swinford, Detroit
Mara river leap 
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Natasha van Bentum (wife of Henri van Bentum)
Chapter:   n/a  (based in Victoria, BC, Canada)    
Category of photograph:  Flora and Fauna
Title of photograph: “Spider Web After Morning Dew”
Photographer’s statement – “I was walking along the street heading over to my community allotment garden. Out of the blue, my eye caught this spider’s web in a neighbour’s shrubbery, glistening with morning dew.”
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Sister GilChrist of Norway
100 yrs. old but Still Reaching Out
Larry Glick, At large
The Major Mynah
A world top 50 bird, the Bali Mynah, is critically endangered.  Less than 100 exist in the wild.  It is only found in the far Western area of Bali,  Indonesia. In a land of constant volcanic eruptions and encroaching civilization, it’s future is uncertain.
Larry Glick, At large
Perfect Pitta
The Javan-Banded Pitta is among the most beautiful birds in the world.  It is extremely hard to photograph because it is a ground-dwelling bird and extremely finicky.  The island of Java, Indonesia.
Larry Glick, At Large
Rhino Reciprocity
Endangered White Rhinos.  We tracked these rhinos on foot, with armed rangers.  We were down wind when this shot was taken. Central Uganda.
Natasha van Bentum
Tulips at the Community Garden, James Bay, Victoria, B.C.
“We have a small allotment nearby, in a neighbourhood community garden.  I’m an amateur gardener and planted my very first batch of tulips last year (“Tulipa Dyanito”). These are second generation, providing a joyful splash of scarlet red, a harbinger of more summer colour to come.”
Henri van Bentum
Wild Japanese Cherry Blossoms on South Turner Street, James Bay, Victoria, B.C.
“Each spring our neighbourhood is transformed into a palette of pink and white blossoms.  After an unusual cold snap for Victoria, these Wild Japanese Cherry Trees appeared right on cue.”
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