Luck to You!

"Luck to You" - The salutation of all Circumnavigators

“Luck to You” – The salutation of all Circumnavigators

Since 1907, this has been the greeting of the Circumnavigators Club. As it happened, early Circumnavigator and famous correspondent Richard Harding Davis wrote an article in Collier’s Magazine and told this story:

“As the ship was getting underway, a young man in a white suit went down the sea ladder by which I was leaning…’You going far?’, he asked…’To the Congo’, I answered.

“He stood swaying with the ship, looking as though there were something he wished to say, and then laughed and, added gravely, giving me the greeting of the Coast:

‘Luck to You”.

‘Luck to you’, I said”.

And this became the salutation of all Circumnavigators.

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