2023 Photo Contest – Architecture

FIRST PLACE, Judy Swanson, Naples Chapter 
Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor
SECOND PLACE, Jennifer Teague, Washington DC Chapter 
Doorway to the Scent-sational
THIRD PLACE, Pamela Girtman, Naples Chapter
Bathed in Light
We were preparing to depart on a cruise from Miami. What a treat to have a skyline view of the different buildings set ablaze by all the lights of the holiday season, plus a Ferris Wheel to add another shape to the tall highrise architecture.
Ellie Hamby, Texas
Three Rickshaws
This photo was taken at the famous Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (The Blue Mansion) in Penang, Malaysia.  My friend Sandy and I traveled through S.E. Asia and spent the night in this amazing Mansion.  These three traditional vintage rickshaws were on display outside the Mansion.
Matthew Devlen, New York Metro Chapter
Reykjavik’s founding father standing tall upon the hill across from the Harpa
The Midnight Sun casts a warm glow upon Einar Jonsson’s statute of Ingólfur Arnarson, the Norseman widely considered the first permanent settler of Iceland.
Jennifer Teague, Washington DC Chapter 
Doors of Sidi Bou Said – #12
Art of my ongoing Anatomy of a Door series
Melanie Cabot, Palm Beach Chapter
From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us.
I find this quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte appropriate as we gaze in wonder and curiosity at the secrets of this amazing and unique ancient civilization. This photograph was taken at the pyramid of Djoser, also called the “Step Pyramid” in the vast expanse of the Saqqara archeological site outside of Cairo.
Melanie Cabot, Palm Beach Chapter
A remarkable feat of engineering… TWICE!
This massive monument was built twice! 
First time: King Ramses II had his skilled architects and builders carve this massive stone monument as a visual expression of his great power. Built in 1244 B.C., Abu Simbel contains two temples carved into a mountainside, one dedicated to himself and the other to his beloved Queen Nefertari. Ramses interest in architecture resulted in the creation of more monuments than any of the other ancient Egyptian pharaohs. 
Second time: As a result of the rising waters of the Nile River due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam in the 1960’s, the temples of Abu Simbel were dismantled, stockpiled, transported, and reassembled by an international team assisting the Egyptians. The new elevated site was 200 meters further inland and 65 meters higher up a hill, safely away from the new reservoir. The project required extreme precision to position the temples to maintain the alignment and cardinal directions in relation to the course of the sun and the planets as before the relocation. 
Judy Swanson, Naples Chapter 
Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo
Mackenzie Gentz, Chicago Chapter
This fourth-floor Malaysian bookstore ends in an unfinished warehouse. Beware—watch your step!
David Mink, New York Metro
Stunning Florence
Nothing beats the beauty of Florence.
David Mink, New York Metro
Simple Housing
This scenic little village in Norway shows the beauty of a simple way of life.

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