2023 – Photo Contest – Human Interest

FIRST PLACE, Jennifer Teague, Washington DC Chapter 
Searching for Doa Bapa Kami
Malaysian Nuns at the Church of the Pater Noster in Jerusalem.
SECOND PLACE,Jennifer Teague. Washington DC Chapter 
Abrahamic Encounter
Attempt at surreptitious capture on the Mount of Olives.
THIRD PLACE,Ellie Hamby, Texas
Tonga Woman with Bone in Nose
The photo of the Tonga woman was taken in the remote village of Simalundu, Zambia.  The woman, the grandmother of a friend of mine, had all the traditional customs of an elderly Tonga woman.  
Having a bone in the nose is a sign of beauty in this area of the Tonga tribe.  If she were smiling, her three front teeth would be gone, symbolizing beauty.  I chose to do “Selective Coloring” with the photo to emphasize her traditional beaded necklace.
Matthew Devlen, New York Metro Chapter
The Vegan Blót 
The Times (they) are a-changing, and even the Vikings are now embracing a plant-based future.  Serving up chickpea cheeseburgers and Linda McCartney hot dogs at the Summer Solstice afterparty celebration in Iceland’s Þingvellir National Park on the longest day of the year.
Matthew Devlen, New York Metro Chapter
The Artemis I Launch Selfie (POV to die for) 16 Nov 2022 – 1:47 AM  
A front-row seat to history and humanity’s return to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.  Goosebumps and Betty Davis eyes from the VIP OSB II viewing platform at Kennedy Space Center.  NASA leads again, inspiring a new generation (and previous ones) to reach for the stars.
Matthew Devlen, New York Metro Chapter
Andorian Tourist in Saint Thomas
What happens when you can’t remove your specialized alien make-up on the Star Trek Cruise before the ship docks at Charlotte Amalie in Saint Thomas.  I misconnected with Emmy award-winning Trek make-up artist Thomas Surprenant that morning on the ship and had to disembark from the Mariner of the Seas not matching my passport photo.  Ran into Garret Wang (Ensign Kim from Voyager) onshore, who assumed I was just a super dedicated fan.  When he discovered the truth, I ended up being made fun of in his comedy routine that night aboard the ship – an honor.  Going Vulcan next time, for sure. 
Bill Girtman, Naples Chapter
Peruvian Weaver in Sacred Valley
Bryan Koontz, At Large
Evening on the Ganges
Varanasi India
Judy Swanson, Naples Chapter
Sailing the Nile
Judy Swanson, Naples Chapter
Daraw Camel Market 1, Egypt
Judy Swanson, Naples Chapter
Daraw Camel Market 2, Egypt
Judy Swanson, Naples Chapter
Daraw Camel Market 3, Egypt
Mackenzie Gentz, Chicago Chapter
Everywhere City
In my eyes, Prague will always be the Everywhere City: The city with history, hustle, and humanity.
Pamela Girtman, Naples Chapter
A Village to Die For!
In December 2022 we took a Covid postponed cruise through the Caribbean. I had set up independent tours at each of our ports for one half of our cruise and another Circumnavigator had set up tours for the last half. I had read about the “Black & White Cemeteries” in Guadeloupe and the guide had it as our first tour stop. So amazing to see.
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