2023 – Photo Contest – Landscape

FIRST PLACE, Judy Joseph, New York Metro Chapter
Central Park New York City
SECOND PLACE, David Mink, New York Metro Chapter
Solitude Life
Home Alone on the Norwegian fiord.
THIRD PLACE, Pamela Girtman, Naples Chapter
Cruising Away at Sunset
As we finished our day on the island of St. Barts where we tendered in Gustavia. The other ships that had been anchored had already begun to depart for their next port.  Our room was at the bow of the ship.  The sky had darked with heavy clouds surely meant to rain on our voyage.  Suddenly the clouds seem to break away into a golden burst of light from the setting sun.  The ships ahead were silhouetted dark against the bright light.  The blue of the water glistened from the sparks of goldened light that swept across the surface.  It was a beautiful finish to a busy day.
Jennifer Teague, Washington DC Chapter
Into to Mystical
Melanie Cabot, Palm Beach Chapter
 Our planet holds so many stunning landscapes and Morocco’s Sahara Desert is one of the world’s most captivating natural wonders with a sense of mystery. Our once-in-a-lifetime experience was staying overnight in a luxury tent camp nestled amongst the dunes, with amenities you wouldn’t expect, and incredible hospitality in this inhospitable place.
Kip Knudson, Washington DC Chapter
Prague Sunset
After two weeks in this magical city, my last walk across the Vltava headed to the Old Town was magical.
 Mackenzie Gentz, Chicago Chapter
White Gold
I took this photo from the top of a medieval fortress that used to protect a hoard of Salzburg’s salt, known then as white gold. Throughout history, white gold has perhaps had the most pronounced historical impact on the city and mountains shown in the image. 
 Mackenzie Gentz, Chicago Chapter
Along the Pegnitz
Nuremberg is my most-visited travel destination in Europe. The resonance within its medieval architecture, postwar restorations, and renewed landscape along the Pegnitz is one reason to compel my visits. 

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