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Club News June 2024

The 122nd Annual Meeting was held late last month in New York with members attending from around the country. New officers and governors were approved. Newly elected President Dan Peterson accepted the historic whale tooth gavel from outgoing President David Mink. After the luncheon, Mink “wrapped up” his six-year term with club history and travel reflections. 

Chapter Highlights

Pacific Northwest Chapter

Pacific Northwest Chapter…Members gathered at the home of Circumnavigators Jim & Caroline Farrell in Bellevue, WA to socialize, share travel experiences and to review objectives and plans. The group enjoyed Caroline’s outstanding Italian buffet which included Italian and international wines. Members then viewed a video presentation by Rick Steves about Cinque Terre, Milan, Lake Como and the Dolomites. 

Palm Beach Chapter Highlight

Palm Beach Chapter…Circumnavigators heard a presentation by member Tareq Salahi who is “Circumnavigators Club Polo Team” captain. Tareq provided fascinating info on the sport of polo. The Washington DC Chapter is hosting a World Cup Polo Event in Leesburg, Virginia in July and looks forward to cheering on Tareq and our team.

Chicago Chapter Highlight

Chicago Chapter…Circumnavigators enjoyed an event at Evanston’s premier pan-Chinese restaurant (KOI) where their local Foundation scholar Elizabeth (Liz) Hyun debriefed the chapter on her recently concluded circumnavigation. She presented on how countries are handling long term area-wide Trauma (such as experienced by the Northern Irish troubles between the local Roman Catholic and Anglican populations).  Over 20 members and spouses attended this presentation.

Naples Chapter Highlight

Naples Chapter…Twenty members of the Naples Chapter attended the first G.E.M.S. of the season at the Seasons 52 Restaurant in Naples. Circumnavigators were treated to a presentation on Brazil by Betty and Marcelo Alvarez, who lived  there for seven years. G..E.M.S.  stands for Globetrotters Exchanging Memorable Stories and the group meets during the Florida “off season.”

All over the Map June 2024
Elaine Christian

Circumnavigator Elaine Christian (Naples Chapter) enjoyed a two-week visit to Morocco where she rode a camel in the Sahara Desert and visited Rabat, Fez, Marrakesh, Essaouria and Casablanca.

Kathleen and George Beebe

Circumnavigators Kathleen and George Beebe (Pacific Southwest Chapter) made it from A to Z with a visit to Zanzibar. It was their 200th “country” visited. We love the enthusiastic fan in the background of this photo).

Donna Suddeth

Circumnavigator Donna Suddeth (Naples Chapter) spent several days in  Tunisia recently where she visited Carthage, Sidi Bousaid, the Medina of Tunis, Kairouan, El Jem and Monastir. El Jem was the third largest Roman coliseum.

Circumnavigator Jason Chang (Washington DC Chapter) flew straight to Morocco after the Club Annual Meeting in New York. Jason is the Club’s new Second Vice President.

Circumnavigator Jason Chang (Washington DC Chapter) flew straight to Morocco after the Club Annual Meeting in New York. Jason is the Club’s new Second Vice President.

group traveling to the Azores

Circumnavigators were part of the group traveling to the Azores for the Travelers Century Club conference. Among Circumnavigators on San Miguel Island were Melanie & Dan Peterson, Pam & Bill Girtman, Ray OlsonCathy Shelton, Sherri DonovanMary Houston, Steve Fuller, and others. 

Foundation News

Follow our Foundation scholars as they travel around the world. 


Graeme Dingle

Honorary Circumnavigator Graeme Dingle reconnected with the Club after receiving his issue of The LOG. Graeme is a New Zealander who was honored in 1993 for his accomplishments in adventuring and mountaineering. He says he would welcome Circumnavigators who visit Auckland. In addition to his continued adventuring, Graeme co-founded the Graeme Dingle Foundation to help young people across New Zealand to overcome life’s obstacles. The Foundation reaches nearly 30,000 through their school and community-based programs that help build self-confidence, resilience, and promote good values and life skills. He has also written numerous books, his newest, The One Tree Hill Promise, to be published in October.

Neil Mandt

Circumnavigator Neil Mandt (at large, Los Angeles) is working on an exciting new project. The Emmy-Award winning movie maker is producing a documentary The Great World Race.  Amazingly, the show will record seven marathons run on seven continents in seven days. It should be ready for viewing in the fall and there are still a few more spots left for runners if any Circumnavigators feel ambitious. There is a web site

Congratulations to Circumnavigator Charlotte Peterson (At Large, Texas) who recently married Joe Breslin in Naples, Florida. Charlotte is the daughter of Circumnavigators Dan and Melanie Peterson and her two brothers, Andrew and Matthew are also Circumnavigators.

The Last Shot

We love photos of children and you can’t get much better than these two photos by Sally Cole (Palm Beach Chapter) of youngsters in Madagascar.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

Dan Peterson

Dan Peterson, 
International President 

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