October 2019 Circumbits

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Sep 302019

Save the date for the annual holiday party in NYC

The annual holiday party will be held in New York City on Thursday, December 19, 2019 at Church of Sweden (48th Street and Madison Avenue). All Circumnavigators are welcome for this time of cheer and friendship. Details will follow.

Foundation scholars have come home

Their journeys around the world now complete, scholars share their adventures on their blogs listed below.

Blog: https://medium.com/@fionasinger

Blog: https://blog.undergradresearch.northwestern.edu/blog/chris/

Have You Been to 7 Continents?

7 continents

42 Circumnavigators have reported that they have set foot on all seven Continents. Their names and chapters will be listed on this site later in October. We will announce when the names are posted. Each will receive a special certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. Contact Tracy Sancilio at club@circumnavigators.org

Where have you “Been”?

Circumnavigator Stephan Carmichael (Rochester, Minn.) called our attention to an App for your phone or tablet called Been. This free app allows travelers to log their visits to countries and states on a map. It’s a fun app for Circumnavigators. Link to the app on app store or on google play.

In Our Circle

Paulette Cooper and son of her rescuer, Peter de Hoo. Photo: Steven Lock / I-Images

Circumnavigator Paulette Cooper, co-president of the Palm Beach Chapter, is an amazing person. Not only a world traveler, she has authored 25 books and been the subject of another book about her investigation of Scientology. Now another extraordinary chapter in her life has come to light as recorded in the UK’s Daily Mail. Paulette, as an infant, and her young sister were orphans, living in German-occupied Belgium during World War II. Their parents were victims of the Holocaust, and Paulette and her sister were facing certain death when a friend of their father saved their lives by bribing a Nazi guard. Their rescuer was a well-connected Dutchman, Sijbren de Hoo. Paulette was eventually sent to America where she was adopted, educated and moved on to a successful life. It was many decades later that Paulette had the moving opportunity to meet the son of her rescuer, Peter de Hoo. It was an emotional reunion.

Members can read the whole gripping story.

Paulette is now happily married to Paul Noble who serves as co-president of the Chapter.

The Last Shot

Circumnavigator Patricia Buescher (Pacific Northwest Chapter) took this photo from a hot air balloon over Bagan in Myanmar.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

Pacific-Southwest Chapter Meeting

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Sep 202019

The Pacific-Southwest Chapter held their meeting on September 19th and welcomed International President David Mink and his wife Dottie. Also welcomed was new member Cris Fuhrer, wife of current member Henry Fuhrer.

Caption: C’s. Henry Fuhrer, Cris Fuhrer, International President David Mink, Dottie Mink, Ken Mink, George and Kathleen Beebe, Chapter President Virginia Foster, Arthur Hammons, Lynn Payette and Sheila Purdy. 

September 2019 Circumbits

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Sep 052019

September already?…

Peanuts’ Charlie Brown remarked “Summer Flies” and his friend Linus answered “Winter Walks”. For Circumnavigators, the end of summer means the snowbirds head back to Florida and many members wound up a season of travel. But we know that the season doesn’t keep Circumnavigators home and plenty of travel lies ahead. We are working on the next issue of the LOG and count on members to send us a few lines and photos about their recent travels for All Over the Map. Please send to davidamink@me.com.

Congratulations to our Honorary Members

At its August meeting, the International Board decided to renew the tradition of offering honorary membership to Magellan Honorees. The first seven are former recipients of the Order of Magellan. These honorary members are Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Author & historian Simon Winchester, journalist Ann Compton, comedian & travel documentarian Michael Palin, and aviation pioneer Andre Borchberg. Additionally, honorary membership was granted to Lord Richard Faulkner (pictured left) who hosts the UK Chapter’s House of Lords dinner each December and also greets Circumnavigators who travel to London.

The Board approved four new members to join our Great Circle:
Nicholas Fang, Singapore Chapter
Jay Foonberg, Pacific Southwest Chapter
Sng Ren Yeong, Singapore Chapter
Stella Wenner, Naples Chapter

Have You Been to 7 Continents?

7 continents

35 Circumnavigators have informed us that they have set foot on all seven continents. They will be recognized in the October Circumbits. If you have not done so already, let us know by email if you have also achieved this impressive feat. Contact Tracy Sancilio at club@circumnavigators.org

Photo Contest Entries

All of the Photo Contest submissions are now shown under the Photos tab at the top of the web site. Thanks to all the participants for sharing their photos and supporting the Foundation.

Circumnavigators: How Many Flights Have You Taken on PAN AM?

Please join us for the PAN AM event on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 in New York City. Representatives from the Pan Am Museum Foundation will give a presentation on the history, legacy and adventure of Pan Am World Airways and the exhibits and collected artifacts displayed at their museum in Garden City, New York.

More information and online registration
Download the pdf flyer


Game Show

Egghead challengers in the UK. Helen Jenkins is third from right in red dress.

We recently received an inquiry from a potential new member who told us he heard about The Circumnavigators Club from a contestant on a televised game show in the United Kingdom. Turns out the contestant was none other than UK Chapter President Helen Jenkins. The nationally broadcast show is called Eggheads. How did Helen’s team do? “Don’t ask,” she said.

Happy Birthday

Emmy winning director Neil Mandt (Los Angeles) celebrated his 50th birthday with a cake fit for a Circumnavigator.

An Amazing Race

Susan & Norm Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) recently competed in the Competitours 2019 team event, “The Amazing Race for Normal People.”   After signing up for the competition, the only thing they knew was that they had to be in Geneva, Switzerland before July 14, 2019 and the trip would end on July 21, 2019 somewhere in Europe. During the seven-day competition, they went down a mountain coaster (Les Diablerts, Switzerland), herded sheep, built a cardboard car, plus competed in painting, sculpting and cooking challenges in Bellagio, Italy. They ended up in Den Haag, Netherlands participating in a city-wide scavenger hunt and flying drones. There were also many other activities to earn points. Norm recounts, “Alas, we only finished 8th out of 12 teams, but who cares, we had a blast.”  

And their team name CircumnaviTwo, reflected their membership in the Circumnavigators Club. Well done, Susan and Norm!

Susan landed safely. Not seen is Norm right behind. That’s the Matterhorn in the background.

The Last Shot

UK Chapter President Helen Jenkins found this peaceful spot amid the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

August 2019 Circumbits

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Jul 252019
August 2019 Circumbits
7 continents

Have You Been to 7 Continents?

The Circumnavigators Club will recognize members who have visited all seven continents. The Board of Governors authorized this action at its July meeting. Members who have achieved this accomplishment will receive a certificate (in due course) and a listing on this web site. So far we have heard from 25 members. Let us know if you qualify. Contact Tracy Sancilio at club@circumnavigators.org

The LOG is Out!

You should have received the latest issue of The LOG in July. The issue has great photos and stories from our members, and Club news and information. Featured are the winning photos from our 2019 Photo Contest. A copy of the issue is posted on this site.

Attention Photographers

Alternative Views get some fun results.

LOG contributing editor Roger Weatherburn-Baker is working on his column Through My Lens for next issue which will come out in the winter. He’s looking for photographs with “alternative views”– two examples can be seen above.

He says, “Sometimes looking at things a little differently — looking up or down, from a different height or unusual angle, for example — can get some fun results.  If you have any such unusual shots, we’d love to see them!”  Please send them to davidamink@me.com.

These Circumnavigators have been joined our Great Circle in July:
Vincent Cucchiara, Naples Chapter
Christiane Fuhrer, Pacific-Southwest Chapter
Susan Gibbons, Naples Chapter
Lacey King, Naples Chapter
Irwin Kudman, Palm Beach Chapter
Eugene Tan, Singapore Chapter

Where in the World are the Nicobars?

By all accounts, Circumnavigator Don Parrish (Chicago Chapter) is one of the world’s most traveled person. So it is amazing that he can still discover new places in the world. Recently, he became one of the first five foreign travelers to the Nicobar Islands, which India kept closed to foreigners until 2019.

Don’s adventure started with a helicopter trip to the Islands during which he developed a friendship with the pilot, who was curious about why he was going. He explained to the pilot that he enjoyed going to remote places, like the South Pole. This immediately impressed the pilot who, as it turns out, was a big fan of the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. Don and the pilot bonded on this journey which Don says “is what real travel is about: discovery and bonding with people across cultures.”

The pilot passed him a note that told him that they were about to visit the southernmost point of India—Indira Point. Don says, “You cannot plan or buy this experience, but you can enjoy the moment when it happens.”

It was a wonderful venture for Don and he thanks the pilot for his special gift.

Readers can learn more about Don’s trip as well as his previous trip to the South Pole on our web site www.circumnavigators.org.


Santa Tours

Circumnavigator Eric Oborski (New York Metro and Lima, Peru) has been operating Goodwill Santa Tours for 35 years. The annual tour takes travelers to remote countries where on one day of the trip they dress as Santa and entertain less fortunate people on a mission of love.  Over the years, the Goodwill Tours have taken 6300 “Santas” to more than 78 cities. The next tour will be to Easter Island (Chile) in early December 2019. There are a few spots open if any Circumnavigators would like to go. Contact Eric at ericoborski@yahoo.com for more information.

The Last Shot

Circumnavigator Sally Cole (Palm Beach Chapter) took this stunning shot of Matera, in southern Italy. Sally highly recommends a visit to this fascinating city.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is davidsig.gif

David A. Mink
International President

Circumnavigators Club Meets New York Adventure Club!

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Jul 192019

Circumnavigators and guests gathered for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the Coffee House Club in New York City on July 18. We welcomed C.  John Herrick and Tyler Moymihan from Palm Beach. They are leaving on a cruise from New York and came up early to attend the event. After cocktails, New York Adventure Club Founder Cory Schneider gave an interesting presentation on his club’s insider access to the city’s best-kept secrets. To learn more about his club go to https://about.nyadventureclub.com/about.

May 2019 Circumbits

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May 022019

Get Set for the Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, May 17 at the Yale Club in New York. Please join us for this important event which will feature our annual business meeting, followed by a luncheon and a presentation. Our speaker will be Circumnavigator Jim Foster who will discuss the Magellan Project, a monumental recreation of Magellan’s attempt to circumnavigate 500 years ago. The presentation is guaranteed to be informative and entertaining.

Click here for details about the Annual Meeting (pdf)

This is a picture of the statue of Fernao de Magalhães, aka Magellan, erected by the Chilean government in Lisbon, Portugal in 1960 to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of the death of Prince Henry the Navigator. This is the only statue of Magellan in Lisbon. There are none in Spain. The great Renaissance mariner stands with dignified obscurity in the statue rich world of Portugal and Spain. The nuanced grudge drama that is the Magellan story, helps keep this intriguing narrative hiding in plain site to the present day.

The Log needs your help

The summer issue of The LOG is in the works. We need input from Circumnavigators for All Over the Map. It’s simple to submit a brief item about your recent travels. Just email a sentence or two, along with a photo from the trip, to davidamink@me.com. It’s important for us to share our travel experiences with the membership. We are also looking for info for Scuttlebutt. Have you had an important event in your life? — Honors, publications, graduations and the like are welcome. The LOG staff appreciates your participation.

Photo contest is complete

Thanks to our members who participated by submitting fantastic photos and financially helping the Circumnavigators Club Foundation. The winning photos will be featured in The LOG, and all of the submitted photos will be shown on our web site.

These new Circumnavigators were approved for membership by the Board of Governors on May 1. More info about them will be available in the LOG.

            Lily Arjomand, Naples Chapter

            Cynthia Bear, New York Metro

            Alexander Eklund, At Large – Manor, TX

           Page Jackson, Naples Chapter

            William McGee, At Large – Chico, TX

            Dean Patenaude, Naples Chapter

            Peter Strub, Desert Chapter

The Last Shot

This writer has just returned from an adventure in South Africa, along with Circumnavigator Dottie Mink. Circumnavigator Jon Dill (Naples Chapter) and his wife Melody hosted the visitors at their lodge in Welgevonden. The animals were up-close, as shown by this photo of the majestic lion. 

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is davidsig.gif

David A. Mink
International President

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