Suzanne e Frey
Thanks to Circumnavigator Suzanne Frye (New York Metro) for last year’s fireworks display.

Welcome to July

To our American members and friends, best wishes for a glorious Independence Day. For our UK members, thanks for our peaceful alliance for these many decades. And for our Singapore members and Circumnavigators around the world, “Have a wonderful July.”

National Anthem

star spangled

Each year, we like to remind our members that the Circumnavigators Club was instrumental in the adoption of our national anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner was long a popular refrain, but it was not the American National Anthem. In 1929, Circumnavigator Robert (Believe it or Not) Ripley wrote a column “Believe it or not, America does not have a national anthem.” Numerous people began to lobby for the Star-Spangled Banner. Circumnavigator John Philip Sousa, the March King, took up the cause, pushing hard to make it official. In 1931, Congress authorized the National Anthem. The bill was signed by Circumnavigator and U.S. President Herbert Hoover. It’s history!

Chapter Highlights

Naples chapter July 2024

The Naples Chapter held its second G.E.M.S. event. G.E.M.S. stands for Globetrotters Exchanging Memorable Stories. It is a monthly gathering organized and led by Circumnavigator Anne Granata, which takes place during the off-season summer months.  At this meeting the attending members showed off interesting souvenirs, brought back from visits to different foreign countries.  During a leisurely lunch, Circumnavigators exchanged fascinating stories of their many adventure travels.

July 2024 all over the map
nna & Lion Curran

Circumnavigators Donna Lion Curran (At Large, Pennsylvania) had a fascinating visit to Alaska, highlighted by the Kodiak Crab Festival. The event in its 66th year is devoted to Alaska King Crab which ironically this year is under a catch moratorium. But the Currans report there were lots of other delicious crabs on hand. They also had a wonderful wilderness encounter with bears who were just waking up from hibernation.

Circumnavigators Susan Brad Gary (At Large, Florida) visited New Guinea and got this terrific shot of Sea Warriors. Brad points out that this is the area where Michael Rockefeller disappeared in 1961.

Weeds Greece

Circumnavigator John Weed (At Large) and his wife Cynthia completed a tour of the Greek Isles, ending the trip in Athens where they visited the Plaka neighborhood and Acropolis.

Omaha Nebraska

Circumnavigators Dan Peterson and Jim Franch (Both Chicago Chapter) were joined by Circumnavigator Matthew Peterson (At Large, Texas) in Omaha to watch some games of the NCAA Men’s Baseball College World Series. Matthew, who is Dan’s son, is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and they enjoyed watching the Vols beat Texas A&M for the national title.


Circumnavigators Pam & Bill Girtman and Donna Suddeth (All Naples Chapter)traveled to Portugal along with Donna’s husband Steve. Pam, Bill and Donna were photographed at the crowded Livraria Lello, labeled the “Most Beautiful Bookstore in the World”. They were in such a hurry that they displayed the club flag upside down. Among their adventures, they enjoyed tobogganing in Oporto. 

Winklers Alaska

Circumnavigators Maria & Gunther Winkler (Naples Chapter) took a breathtaking train ride from Skagway, Alaska to White Pass Summit.

The Last Shot

dottie mink
Thanks to Circumnavigator Dottie Mink (Naples Chapter) for this patriotic sunset at the Jersey shore.

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Luck to you!

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