May 2024 Circumbits

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May 062024
Circumbits May 2024
the log is delayed


Did you get your new issue of the LOG? Thanks to the postal service, deliveries have been extraordinarily slow. The LOG was mailed on March 26 but by the end of April many were not delivered. Amazingly, Circumnavigators in the UK and Canada received copies before Executive Director Tracy Sancilio, who lives a mile from the post office where it was mailed. When you get your copy, we always appreciate feedback.

annual meeting

Our 122nd annual meeting is slated for Friday, May 17 at the Penn Club in New York City. There is still time to make a reservation by contacting headquarters. New board members and officers will be elected. Following the meeting and lunch, outgoing President David Mink will reflect on his years as President.

Help Needed

help needed

Do you have experience in advertising? We are exploring the use of discreet advertising for Circumbits and the LOG. Member input would be appreciated. Please make sure to share your travels and photos for All Over the Map.

Chapter Highlights

Naples chapter may 2024

Naples Chapter finished up an active season with a nearly 90 members and guests being treated to a travel adventure by Circumnavigator Jeff Carrier. Jeff highlighted his recent trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Chapter also welcomed six new members, including the youngest Circumnavigator, 19-year-old Elena Walters.

ny metro highlight

New York Metro members and guests enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Evergreen restaurant in Manhattan on April 25th. They shared travel stories and scuttlebutt.

uk chapter highlight
UK members got to enjoy the LOG before American members.

UK Chapter enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Savile Club in London.

palm beach highlight

Palm Beach Chapter has been busy. Thirty-two members and guests attended a “Meet & Greet Lunch” at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach. Chapter President Tom Van Horn noted: “it was thrilling to meet some chapter members who have been members of the Club for more than 30 years and hearing the history and stories of days gone by.”

all over the map may 2024
Stephen Carmichael

Circumnavigator Stephen Carmichael (At Large – Minnesota) and his wife Susan stopped in Zadar, Croatia during a cruise of the Dalmatian Coast.


Circumnavigator Michelle Doyle (Naples Chapter) is currently on an extensive circumnavigation which included a stop in Singapore where she was greeted by Singapore Chapter officer Graham Bell. On her adventure, Michelle especially enjoyed her visit to the Taj Mahal and experiencing Holi in India.

barnetts india

Circumnavigator Steve Barnett (At Large, Panama) and his wife Karen enjoyed Nepal, after their fabulous train trip on the Deccan Odyssey from New Delhi to Mumbai.  Steve will soon be returning to India to continue his motorbike trip.


Circumnavigator Bradford Gary (At Large, Florida) and his wife Susan are on a two-month tour of New Guinea where they have taken some fantastic photos of native life.


Circumnavigator Mark Pross (Washington DC Chapter) unfurled the Circumnavigators Club flag at the historical Equator monument in Ecuador. Mark visited El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands, and Colombia on a trip that featured sailing on a 11-day expedition tracing the travels of Charles Darwin.

bakers in Japan

Circumnavigators Paula & Roger Baker (Naples Chapter) are currently circumnavigating Japan. Accomplished photographer Roger is, as usual, recording wonderful images of the adventure.


Circumnavigator Helen Jenkins (President UK Chapter) visited England’s New Forest National Park with her sister Annette Hayward. She loved the the beautiful English bluebell carpet in the ancient woodland and also a visit to the Fleur-De-Lys pub which dates back to 1096.

Circumnavigator Bill Ashley (Washington DC Chapter) visited Pakistan and Afghanistan on a recent worldwide trip. Photos show Bill at the Badshadi Mosque in the Old Fort of Lahore, Pakistan and in his Afghanistan regalia in front of the large multi-blue-domed Rawza Sakhi Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. Bill’s trip is adding to his goal of visiting every country.


judy van horn

Circumnavigator Judy Van Horn (Palm Beach Chapter) is one of the featured artists in the Culture Council of Palm Beach County “Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators” art exhibition. Judy’s featured piece, “All A Flutter” will be on display until June 22.


Many Circumnavigators enjoyed the recent solar eclipse. Left: Circumnavigator Ann Swinford (Michigan Chapter) is shown here with one of her photos. Right: Circumnavigator Maria Winkler (Naples Chapter) watched aloft as her husband Circumnavigator Gunther Winkler got this dramatic shot.

The Last Shot

David Mink International President
Gratitude…This will be the final Circumbits by yours truly. After six years as International President, I will be passing the torch to my successor after the Annual Meeting. I want to thank all Circumnavigators for giving me the privilege to lead our historic club. It has been a great honor. Of course, I’ll still be around and my club involvement will continue.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

April 2024 Circumbits

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Apr 012024
circumbits April 2024
welcome to April 2024
Thanks to Circumnavigator Lisa Brighton (Michigan Chapter) for Spring flowers on Oregon Coast and Roger Weatherburn Baker (Naples Chapter) view of a bee enjoying flowers in France.

Spring is here! 

Circumnavigators enjoy every month of the year, but there is something special about April with its flowers, gentle weather and anticipation of summer ahead. Best wishes to all for a wonderful month.

New York Metro Dinner

bucket list - evergreen dinner

Join us for dinner and share your travel bucket list with fellow Circumnavigators on April 25 at Evergreen Chinese Restaurant. Guests welcome! Click here for details.

Annual Meeting in May

Our traditional Annual Meeting, now for the 122nd time, will be held in New York City on Friday, May 17. The late-morning meeting (open to members only) is followed by lunch and a presentation. Guests are welcome. Invitations will be coming soon.

Chapter Highlight

Pacific SW Chapter Highlight April 2024

Pacific Southwest Circumnavigators celebrated Chinese New Year at the home of Circumnavigator Lynn Payette.

April 2024 all over the map
Greg Wojcicki

Circumnavigator Greg Wojcicki (Chicago Chapter) sent us a photo with his fiancé at Cape Aghulas, South Africa, the southernmost point of Africa and another shot with his son in Nambia.

the current

Circumnavigators Lion & Donna Curran (New York Metro) were in far west Jamaica on their annual visit to monitor coral reefs there.  

Mark Pross

Circumnavigator Mark Pross (Washington, DC Chapter) recently visited the two most famous towers of Bologna, Italy — the Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre Garisenda. Both were built between 1109 and 1119. The leaning Garisenda Tower is not accessible and the Asinelli Tower is closed to the public for area maintenance. Mark climbed the Asinelli Tower’s 498 steps several years ago, which afforded unique views of medieval Bologna.

Brian Baum
Left: Laundry Day, Carcass Island, Falklands;
Right: Gentoo penguin at Godthul, South Georgia

Circumnavigator Brian Baum (Pacific Northwest Chapter) is on his way home from Antartica. On the way, he sailed north via the Atlantic “stepping stone” islands. These included the Falklands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena, and Ascension Island. He also got a look at the uninhabited Gough, Inaccessible, and Nightingale Islands on our way to Cape Verde. Here are a couple of his photos. More photos can be viewed on the Circumnavigators Facebook page.

Katie Koontz

Circumnavigator Katie Koontz recently was transferred to Los Angeles from Manhattan. Here she takes a skiing junket to Mammoth. Katie writes “Collectors Corner” for the LOG, so she would love to hear from members with travel-related collections.

Vincent & Fran Cucchiara

Circumnavigators Vincent & Fran Cucchiara (Naples Chapter) traveled to Antarctica, their seventh continent. On the way, they stopped in Chile where they got this photo at San Rafael Glacier.

Bill Ashley

Circumnavigator Bill Ashley (Washington DC Chapter)was supposed to visit Libya in 2006, however, 2 weeks prior to the departure, Muammar Ghaddafi decided that no Americans were allowed to enter. Well, now Bill was finally was able to complete an 8-day sojourn without any hitches. Here is a photo of Bill at Leptis Magna enjoying the best Roman ruins in the world!  


Margaret Hoover and David Mink

This writer had the opportunity to meet television celebrity Margaret Hoover who hosts Firing Line on PBS, thanks to an invitation from WGCU, the Southwest Florida PBS outlet. Margaret is the great granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover who happened to be an early member of the Circumnavigators (1930) and recipient of the Order of Magellan (1963). I told her that I might have some info about her famous relative that she didn’t know. Skeptical, she said, “Try me”. I gave her a packet on Hoover info from our archives. She laughed and said, “You got me!” During her presentation, she called out the Circumnavigators Club and the fact that her great grandfather circumnavigated five times.

The Last Shot

Ann Swinford Holi
Thanks to Circumnavigator Ann Swinford (Michigan Chapter) for this delightful shot from India. Holi is the annual festival that celebrates colors and Spring. Notice the loving touch of the toddler’s hand in father’s pocket.

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Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

March 2024 Circumbits

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Mar 042024
March Circumbits
March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”
“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

Welcome to March

Weather has been off the charts, at least in America, in recent months…rain, snow, floods, winds, frigid temps. Now we look forward to a glorious Spring! Best wishes to all for a wonderful month.

Club News

Annual Meeting 2024 May 17

Chapters have been active and Circumnavigators have been hitting the road for international and domestic adventures. Please remember to send us a photo or two and a brief message when you travel so we can share. The LOG is in the works and members should receive the latest issue this month. When you get your copy, please gives us your feedback. Our Annual Meeting will be held in New York City on May 17 at which time new officers and governors will be introduced.

7 continents


Let us know if you have visited all seven continents in order to receive your recognition certificate and be listed on this web site.

Chapter Highlights

singapore chapter

Singapore Chapter Chapter President, Mr. Ang Hao Yao, presents new member, Mr. Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin with his membership certificate at the chapter’s February lunch event.

palm beach chapter
Left: Palm Beach polo lovers; Right: Astronaut legend and Circumnavigator Robert Crippen and wife Pandora at the Museum event

Palm Beach Chapter Members enjoyed an exciting evening with friends at The Wanderers Club Polo & Lobstermania Event. Chapter President Tom Van Horn said, “Congratulations to fellow Circumnavigator Polo Team Captain Tareq Salahi on his four goals. The Chapter also had a recent meet and greet luncheon at the Norton Museum of Art. The purpose was to allow members to get to know each other better and to provide their feedback regarding the changes the Chapter is making.

Washington DC Chapter

Washington DC Chapter Members gathered for Chapter meeting where they elected a new slate of officers. 

Miami chapter

Miami Chapter Carolyn Stein, Chapter President, welcomed new members Staci and Ron Schnell at the recent Chapter meeting at the Fort Lauderdale museum. 

Circumnavigators Lion & Donna Curran (New York Metro) visited Everglades City, FL for the Seafood Festival. It is the “Stone Crab Capital of the World”.

Win Everett

Circumnavigator Win Everett (Jacksonville, FL) spent a week chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland. He reports, “Iceland is quite a different country in the winter, the countryside was beautiful. We enjoyed a lot of good meals as we traveled around, eating everything from lamb chops to the world’s most famous Icelandic hot dog. While in Iceland we took a ferry to Grimsey Island to walk across the Arctic Circle since we were so close.”

Mark Pross

Circumnavigator Mark Pross (Washington, DC Chapter) unfurled the Circumnavigators Club flag at the Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), Cuba, site of the failed April 1961 military invasion by Cuban exiles opposed to Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution. Having waited decades for the opportunity, Mark spent nine days in February visiting Havana, the Las Terrazas Biosphere Reserve, Valle de Viñales in western Cuba with its karst topography and traditional tobacco-growing techniques, the Korimakao artistic institution, French colonial Cienfuegos, Cuban Revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s Mausoleum in Santa Clara, colonial Trinidad, and former coffee and sugar slave plantations.

Circumnavigators Jon Melody Dill (Naples Chapter) took an extensive tour of South America, enjoying the Iguazu Falls and the Amazon among other sites. In this photo, Jon handles a sloth.

Ellie Hamby & Sandy Hazelip

Circumnavigators Ellie Hamby Sandy Hazelip (At Large, Texas) reported on their latest adventure to South America where among other activities they caught (and released crocodiles). The Dynamic Duo are the best friends who went around the world in 80 days at the age of 81.


Steve Barnett

Recently we told you about Circumnavigator Steve Barnett (At Large, Panama) who planned a six-month excursion through India by motorcycle. We are sorry to report that Steve’s trip was cut short by a hip problem that forced him to return to Panama for surgery. He hopes to continue the adventure later in the spring. Best wishes, Steve.

The Last Shot

Thanks to Circumnavigator Win Everett for this stunning shot from Iceland.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

February 2024 Circumbits

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Feb 052024
February Circumbits
loving February

Loving February 

February isn’t so short this leap year but it is still sweet and full of surprises. Spring is on its way as Circumnavigators continue to travel and enjoy the world. Best wishes for a joyful month to our members, family and friends.

Chapter Highlights

Palm Beach Chapter Highlight Feb 2024

Palm Beach Chapter held a festive event featuring speaker Richard Rene Silvin’s talk on the SS Normandie and other classic ocean liners. The presentation was enjoyed by members and guests from as far away as England and Ireland. Mr. Silvin in a historian, author and lecturer. The Chapter also introduced new members Tareq Salahi and Lisa Spoden who have ties to the international world of polo.

Naples Chapter Highlight February 2024

Naples Chapter enjoyed an interesting presentation given by the former President of the Travelers Century Club – Timothy Skeet, who spoke of his various adventurous circumnavigations.  Members of several different Travel Century Clubs were also in attendance. Three new members were introduced at the meeting.

February 2024 All Over the Map
Puldy, BC

Circumnavigator Michael Puldy (At Large, Los Angeles) spent a week heli-skiing in Crescent Spur, British Columbia, Canada. Michael reports it is a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere, and the skiing is intense.

Sherri Donovan Yemen

Circumnavigator Sherri Donovan (New York Metro)visited mainland Yemen, including the UNESCO awe-inspiring town of Hadramout, the Manhattan of Arabia Shibam with its ancient mud skyscrapers soaring out of the desert landscape. Among her adventures, she also visited the shrine and burial place of Prophet Hood, believed to be a direct descendant of Noah, Sufi shrines and the tallest mosque minaret in Yemen. 

Sue Murphy Suzanne Frye Egypt Feb 2024

Circumnavigators Sue Murphy Suzanne Frye continued their excursion in Egypt which they described as calm and welcoming. They reported: “We had a Coptic Christian guide in Cairo who said some people are promoting a boycott of American things like KFC, McDonalds, Coke, and Pepsi, but it is not really being followed.  We had a Muslim guide named Mohammed in Luxor who has three sons in the American school here, and he hopes to go to NYC sometime to see the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum. In Aswan, we had a wonderful modern Muslim woman guide who is hopeful that her son will go to college in the USA so she can visit him. Whenever a taxi driver, shopkeeper, hotel worker, etc., knows we are from the USA, we get a thumbs up sign, a reply like ‘America- great country,’ or they tell us they have friends or relatives in America.”


Tom & Judy Van Horn, David Mink, February 2024

Circumnavigators Tom Judy Van Horn (Palm Beach Chapter) traveled to Naples to hear Club President David Mink’s lecture to the International Men’s Club of America. Also, Tom has been named to the Board of Directors for Rajant Health Inc. Tom’s membership in the Circumnavigators Club was listed in the press release.

The Last Shot

Suzanne Frye Egypt last shot
Thanks to Circumnavigator Suzanne Frye for the shot of sunrise over the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

January 2024 Circumbits

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Jan 022024
January 2024 circumbits
January 2024
New Year’s Eve in Egypt by Suzanne Frye

Happy New Year! 

Our historic club has now entered its 122nd year and there is much ahead. It is important to remember that we are a sharing club, giving members advice and strategy on travel. Most important is our mission: Through Friendship, To Leave This World A Little Better Than We Found It. Our mission isn’t limited to international events. Closer to home is equally relevant. So, Chapters and members, please let us know what we are doing to make the world a better place. Of course, our best wishes go to members, family and friends for a wonderful 2024.

Annual Meeting 2024 May 17

Our Annual Meeting will be held in New York City on Friday, May 17. Yours truly will make the presentation at the end of six years of presidency. President David Mink will “Wrap it Up” with photos and Circum stories.

Chapter Highlights

uk chapter highlights - House of Lords

UK Chapter held its annual dinner at the House of Lords, sponsored by Circumnavigator Lord Richard Faulkner. Thanks go to Chapter President Helen Jenkins for coordinating another wonderful sold-out event. About a dozen Americans made the journey to London to join the UK members and guests. Featured was speaker Per Besson with his program “Lessons from a Polyglot’s Travels through 193 UN counties.”

Michigan Chapter highlight

Michigan Chapter celebrated its annual Holiday Party with a luncheon at Plum Hollow Golf and Country Club, hosted by Circumnavigator Mary Lou Butcher, with a plated meal and a round-table discussion. Each attendee shared with the group where they’d been over the past year and where they were headed next year. The stories were amazing!

Chicago chapter highlight

Chicago Chapter held an event in the wine cellar at Francesca’s in Chicago. Steven Cory Solomon talked about his experiences as a Rotary Scholar in Durban, South Africa.  He shared how Dr. Jane Goodall and Archbishop Desmond Tutu changed his life through global opportunities beyond his wildest imagination. 

During the event, the Chapter held its biannual election of officers.  A signed photo of “Earth Rise,” which had been presented to the chapter in 1990 by astronaut Jim Lovell, was passed from outgoing President Jeneane Blom to incoming President Jim Franch. 

Naples Chapter Highlight

Naples Chapter had a festive holiday event during which Circumnavigator Elaine Christian gave a fascinating presentation on her recent trip to the Himalayan Mountain countries of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.

pacific southwest chapter highlights

Pacific Southwest Chapter held a holiday event at the home of President Virginia Foster and husband Arthur in La Jolla where members recounted travel stories and enjoyed a festive dinner.

Pacific Northwest chapter highlights

Pacific Northwest Chapter held a memorable holiday party at the home of Circumnavigator Will Mason and his wife Maria. Chapter members enjoyed sharing stories and a marvelous buffet.

jan 2024 all over the map
Steve barnett

Circumnavigator Steve Barnett (At Large, Panama) is stepping off the Board of Governors as he embarks on a six-month solo motorcycle adventure in India. He says, “My plan for India is…. well, pretty much no plan! I’ll buy a motorcycle in either Bangalore or Goa (depending on what’s available) then ride to the southern tip of India and gradually work my way north for about five months.  This is how I’ve traveled through most parts of the world— just winging it”.  His wife Karen will join him for a little while in India in April and they are planning on going on the Deccan Odyssey train from Mumbai through Rajasthan to New Delhi.  “I hope to get to the north to see Kashmir and Srinagar.  Of particular interest are the houseboats on Lake Dal.  I lived on a houseboat in Sausalito California for eight years and have always wanted to see what they are like on the other side of the world”.

Helen Jenkins

Circumnavigator Helen Jenkins (President, UK Chapter) visited the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, Morocco.  International garden expert Monty Don ranks it as one of the best gardens in the world. 

Katie koontz

Circumnavigator Katie Koontz (At Large, California) was recently transferred to Los Angeles. Katie works for CNBC and she returned home to New York for a holiday libation at the Yale Club.

Jim Franch

Circumnavigator Club treasurer Jim Franch (Chicago Chapter) was in Madagascar where he had this close encounter with a lemur. He explained that lemurs always live in small groups with defined territories and are run by a single alpha female.  All females have a red-brown fur and all males like this one are black. They have no predators on this island so they are not afraid of humans.

the Coles

Circumnavigator Sally Cole (Palm Beach Chapter) on the road again as she and husband Larry traveled to Cyprus to embark on a cruise through the Suez Canal with stops in Egypt and Jordan.

Ed Hotchkiss

Circumnavigator Ed Hotchkiss (New York Metro) and his wife Khadija just returned from a three-month trip to 13 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. One highlight was spending five days in the little-known, three-island country of Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique and north of Madagascar. While it has miles of beautiful beaches, a thick forest, and even a live volcano, few tourists go there. He says, “I was fortunate to go to a local wedding, where I took a photo with these lovely women. The lady on the left has applied masonjoany to her face, a decorative cosmetic paste and sunscreen made of ground wood.”

Circumnavigators Suzanne Frye and Sue Murphy (New York Metro) spent New Year’s Eve at the historic pyramids in Giza, Egypt. As usual, photographer Suzanne caught some colorful shots there.

The Last Shot

This is why I moved to Florida

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

December 2023 Circumbits

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Dec 012023
December 2023 Circumbits
Yale Club
December: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Best wishes to all for a joyful holiday season

Circumnavigators, wherever in the world you live, enjoy December with its beauty, hope and friendship. 

Coming Soon

The UK Chapter is just a couple of weeks away from holding its annual dinner event at the House of Lords, hosted by Circumnavigator Lord Richard Faulkner. Sold out again this year, more than 40 Circumnavigators and guests will attend this festive event.

House of Lords

Chapter Highlights

Naples Chapter
New President Pam Girtman with Tina Nicholson, and Tim Gunderman and Roger Baker

Naples Chapter held its first meeting of the season at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.  Eighty-eight members, and guests attended to hear an excellent program on Malta given by Circumnavigator Roger Baker.  In attendance was the Chapter’s own Knight of Malta – Tim Gunderman, who added some comments regarding the honorable Organization of the Knights of Malta. The event also saw a changing of the guard with President Tina Nicholson passing the gavel to new President Pam Girtman. Tina served in her role with distinguished service for six years.

Washington DC Chapter

DC Chapter held its annual joint meeting with the Explorers Club’s Washington team at the Cosmos Club. Chapter President Jason Chang reports, “It was a wonderful meeting sharing travel stories and learning about the important issue of space debris in orbit from Dr. Mark Skinner. We look forward to our continued collaboration and will plan shared events such as the polo match in 2024.” 

Circumnavigator Sally Cole (Palm Beach Chapter) and husband Larry circumnavigated Mallorca on the annual CCA (Cruising Club of America) Rendezvous. There were about 100 people on 15 boats on the 12-day voyage around the island. Overnight stops included Sa Rapito, Alcudia Bay, Sant Vincenc, Soller, Port Antratx, and Palma. They were guests of CCA Commodore Chris Otorowski and wife Shawn onboard their gorgeous Swan 68’ Aphrodite.

The Coles

Circumnavigator Steve Fuller (At Large) is a legendary marathoner. He has run numerous marathons on all seven continents. Now he has completed a four-country marathon event in Asia—Kyrgyzstan,Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. He says the one-week event was fascinating. He was joined by his wife, Circumnavigator Henna.

The Fullers

Circumnavigators Lion & Donna Curran (New York Metro) stopped for a coconut on Princess Margaret Beach on Bequia Island in the Grenadines.

The Currans

Circumnavigators Norm & Susan Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) stopped in Coron, Philippines. It was one stop on a Windstar cruise from Hong Kong to Cairns, Australia. They have “collected” four new countries on their 6th circumnavigation.

The Daileys

Circumnavigator Michael Lawler (Pacific Southwest Chapter) and his wife Barbara are off on an eight-month cruise on their 47 ft. sailboat “Traveler,” cruising now on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, including Baja, and the Sea of Cortez and as far south as Acapulco. They are returning in mid-June. Stay tuned for more info on this adventure.

The Lawlers

Circumnavigator Mark Pross (Washington, DC Chapter) braved gale-force winds while visiting the Neolithic-era Callanish Stones (erected between 2900-2600 BC), which were a focus for ritual activity during the Bronze Age. The standing stones are located on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland. After an Arctic polar expedition, Mark and his wife Marty visited the Orkney Islands and Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland, Ireland, the British Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man, England, Latvia, and Norway.

Mark Pross

Circumnavigators Geoff & Marilyn McGrath (At Large, Virginia) took one of the world’s longest flights, 18 hours from Newark NJ to Singapore. It began their recent trip to Singapore and Dubai. They loved relaxing in Singapore which including feasting on spicy shrimp and red chili crab cakes. Then on to Dubai where they visited the new Museum of the Future and shopped on iconic Al See, a waterfront promenade.

The McGraths


Circumnavigator Paulette Cooper Noble, former president of the Palm Beach Chapter, is an extraordinary person. Aside from her extensive world travels, she survived the holocaust, wrote numerous books and received death threats from Scientologists, a group who she exposed in a book. Now she has written her memoirs—a fascinating account of her life.

The Perils of Paulette

Circumnavigator Bill Ashley (Washington DC Chapter) enjoyed a festive Halloween at the White House where President and Mrs. Biden handed out books and candy to children.

Bill Ashley

The Last Shot

Our favorite holiday cover from a vintage 1929 issue of ‘The LOG’

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

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