December 2020 Circumbits

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Dec 012020

Unique Holiday Season

One of our favorite historic LOG covers was contributed by famous cartoonist Louis M. Glackens in 1929. Glackens was published in numerous magazines in his day and often contributed to The LOG.

The holidays are decidedly different in 2020 with the restrictions on travel and gatherings, but we wish all of our members, family and friends a joyous season. We are all looking forward to getting back to normality. Stay safe!

The LOG is Out

Have you received your copy? If not, please contact Tracy Sancilio at headquarters. Thanks to all our contributors for great stories and photos. We appreciate feedback on the issue. Our next issue will come out in the spring of 2021 when we hope Circumnavigators will be traveling again. Let us know if you have any ideas for stories, and when you take a future international trip, let us know about it.

Calling All Photographers

The deadline for the 2020 Photo Contest has been extended to December 15. Please consider sending in a photo or two for this event that allows members to share their photos and helps support the Foundation. Contributions are tax-deductible and are $10.00 per photo. Categories are Architecture, Human Interest, Landscape and Flora/Fauna. 

Extended Deadline: December 15, 2020

Above: Circumnavigator Michael Puldy (Pacific Southwest) took first place in the 2019 Human Interest category with this shot of a determined archer in Bhutan.

Chapter Events on Zoom

There are a number of interesting Chapter and New York Metro Zoom events in the upcoming weeks. All Circumnavigators are welcome to participate. Events are posted on the website calendar and emails are sent with the Zoom link to join. It’s a great way to keep in touch. 

The Last Shots

Circumnavigator Tom Ambrose (Palm Beach) wrote about the Land of Ice and Snow with fire below in Columbia, South America. Due to space considerations, we were unable to show the snow photos in the LOG, so here they are.
Sierra Nevada snow caps, a rare sight in South America

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

November 2020 Circumbits

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Nov 022020

Happy Holidays

Circumnavigator Gunther Winkler, Naples Chapter, captured the beautiful fall foliage near his home in Winchester, Mass. Pictured is Middlesex Fells, a conservation area only seven miles from Boston.

November kicks off the holiday season and we wish all our members, families and friends a joyous season, even though 2020 has been far from normal. Please remember how much there is to be thankful for.

Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

Postponed since May, the 118th Annual Meeting of the Circumnavigators took place in October using Zoom technology. More than 100 members worldwide participated in the meeting. All official business was transacted. Will Mason (Pacific Northwest Chapter) and Rick Jennewine, (Naples Chapter) were welcomed as new members of the Board of Governors.

The meeting was kicked off by Executive Director Tracy Sancilio with our historic whale tooth gavel.

Chapter News

With “live” events on hold during the pandemic, Chapters have been attending virtual events via Zoom. These events have been well received and enjoyable. Members from other Chapters and At-Large members can join any Chapter event. When headquarters receives notification of a Chapter Zoom event, the Chapter Presidents are informed and invite their members to join. At Large members will receive an email invite.

Legendary traveler Don Parrish gave a presentation to the Chicago Chapter.

Calling All Photographers

The 2020 Photo Exhibit/Contest is underway. Please submit your best travel photos to participate in this fun event that shares photos with our membership and helps support the Circumnavigators Club Foundation. 

Deadline: December 1, 2020

Human Interest
Flora & Fauna

You will receive an email soon with the rules and submission details.

Also, the Foundation Appeal letter is in the mail from Foundation President Greg Rider. We ask you to please consider donating to the Foundation to support our Travel Study Program. See Greg’s letter.

The Last Shots

Sandy Schopbach, Michigan Chapter, who also has a home in Paris, took this shot from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. It shows the layering of the city from the Seine to its highest point.
Mary Houston, Chicago Chapter, reminds us that a rainbow follows a storm.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

October 2020 Circumbits

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Oct 012020
Circumnavigator Ken Mink (Pacific Southwest Chapter) sent us the photo of smoke and fire on the horizon near San Diego.

Welcome to Autumn

Lisa Brighton (Michigan Chapter) took this shot at Copper Harbor, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

September was a quiet month for Circumnavigators, given the challenges of the pandemic, so there isn’t much to report. Zoom technology has been the solution to bringing members together. Several Chapters have been using Zoom to create virtual events. Reminder: Our long postponed Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom on October 14.


Sailing Adventures

Circumnavigators Cathy and Charlie Simon (Washington DC Chapter) have published a picturesque book about their sailing adventures around the world, particularly their circumnavigation of North America. The book can be purchased on Amazon.


Paulette Cooper Noble, President of the Palm Beach Chapter recommends a show on Netflix series: Challenger: The Final Flight which features an interview with Astronaut Robert Crippen, our 2019 Order of Magellan honoree. Robert is a member of the Palm Beach Chapter and a member of the NASA Hall of Fame.

The Last Shots

Circumnavigator Marilyn McGrath (Washington State) sent us this amusing photo of her husband Geoff in Cape Town before the international travel restrictions.
Circumnavigator Steven Barnett (Panama) sent us this shot of a bear doing its best to relax.
Second Vice President Brad Vogel (New York Metro) took this beautiful photo of elk grazing in Colorado on a recent trip to the mountain state.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

September 2020 Circumbits

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Aug 312020

Let’s Have Some Fun

We have had enough of the pandemic, cancelled trips, lockdowns and the like. It’s time to look on the bright side and find ways to have some fun while staying close to home. We are going to pass on a few recommendations and ask Circumnavigators to give us other good ideas for this forum. So here it goes—-This writer is strongly recommending a series on Netflix that should wow every Circumnavigator. It is “Somebody Feed Phil”. Phil visits cities around the world to sample their cuisine and culture. It is very informative and funny, too. Also, do you have Alexa? Everyday ask Alexa for “Geo Quiz” which is created by National Geographic. You’ll get six questions—different everyday—to test your knowledge of geography. Questions range from simple to difficult. Please send us your recommendations to share.

The Most & The Least

First VP Dan Peterson (Chicago) has passed on a link to a ranking of some of the highs and lows in world locations. It’s a fascinating look at our world.
Link to The Most & The Least (pdf)

We have our work to do

How are our students doing in geography? Watch this video. It’s only a small sample so we can assume (and hope) most students do a lot better.


The Annual Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom on October 14. Invitations and the ballot are in the mail to members. Also, if you have visited all seven continents and not received your certificate, please check to make sure you are listed as a qualifier. Go to the membership tab on this web site and check out qualifiers.


Circumnavigator’s Book

Angela McLean (At Large, Kansas) has put out a book based on her travels, Around the World in 101 Photos. Angela made a nice tribute to the Circumnavigators Club in the acknowledgments. The book can be purchased on Amazon and a portion of the purchase price is going as a donation to the Circumnavigators Foundation. Congratulations and thank you, Angela.

It was a Zoom Party

New York Metro held a Virtual Cocktail Party which offered a fun social time along with guest speaker Eli Lewien, who shared stories from his travels around the world, including quarantine for two weeks in Sydney. Poor guy was only allowed three beers a day!

The Last Shot

After the storm comes a rainbow! Paul Buescher (Pacific NW) took this shot at the southern point of New Zealand’s South Island.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

August 2020 Circumbits

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Aug 032020

Welcome to August

The summer is winding down and it isn’t a season that will be very memorable for most Circumnavigators. No travel, no parties, no Chapter events, no sports and the list goes on. However, as we have been often told: “This too shall pass.” Meanwhile the Club has some news and questions for our members.

Our Annual meeting, postponed from its usual May date, has now been set for Wednesday, October 14 at 5:00 EDT. It will be a virtual event using Zoom technology. The meeting will cover the usual required agenda, followed by a short presentation: Tales and Traditions of the Circumnavigators Club. Members will receive an invitation with further details along with an election ballot for Club leadership positions.

The LOG Needs Your Help

Do you have a collection from your travels? Katie Koontz’s Collectors Corner is looking for a collection to feature. Also, we are looking for photos that depict the pandemic for the Photo Spread. Please send info on these matters to You can send photos by attachment for consideration.


Gulfstream is discontinuing production of its famed Gulfstream Five after decades of outstanding service. Circumnavigator Bradford Gary, Palm Beach Chapter, recalls circumnavigating on this plane in record time 30 years ago. He participated in this historic flight which circled the globe non-stop from the state of Georgia to New Jersey. He participated as an observer. The flight took 54 hours, a record that stood for many years.

When You Can’t Travel

Circumnavigator Ann Swinford, Michigan Chapter, isn’t used to not being on a trip. So she has been engaging in heavy duty gardening which has included a screen for her to rotate the numerous flags she has hauled home from all over the world.

The Last Shot

Norm and Susan Dailey (DC Chapter) completed their forth circumnavigation before the pandemic. In this photo, Norm is jumping on the Gate of Heaven in South East Bali. He reports, “Getting this shot requires you to put on a sarong and when it is your turn, a local photographer takes a photo with your own camera. The reflection is a special effect, accomplished by using a mirror directly under the lens.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

Chicago Chapter Foundation Scholar Zoom Meeting

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Jul 102020

Foundation Scholar, Christopher LaMountain circumnavigated the globe last summer. His topic was “A Global Song: Investigating the Global Diversity of Baha’i Temple Music”. (There are only 8 Baha’i temples on our planet. And the only Baha’i temple in North America is a ten minute walk from the Northwestern temple).

On June 6, Christopher presented to the Chicago Chapter via Zoom. First he explained an overview of his trip, then showed a YouTube video of his trip. His 32 minute YouTube impressed everyone with its contents and technical polish. And, of course, there were musical selections in his YouTube. This was a great way to share Christopher’s experience during a time of social distancing. 

Luck to You Christopher!

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