January 2022 Circumbits

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Jan 032022
January 2022

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
Thanks to Circumnavigator Suzanne Frye (New York Metro) for this dazzling display in Dubai.

We were so happy to usher out 2020 last year and the same feeling goes for 2021, another challenging year. The good news for the Club is that members are beginning to ramp up international travel and Chapters are holding live events! We wish all Circumnavigators, family and friends a healthy and happy 2022.

120 Years and Counting

Circumnavigators Founders
Some early members and founders picnic in New South Wales, Australia shortly after the Club was founded in January 1902.

Founded in 1902 (before the airplane was invented), the Circumnavigators Club enters its 120th year. Thousands of members over this long history have circumnavigated, reached the most inaccessible parts of the world, and many countries, all with our mission “Through Friendship, To Leave This World  A Little Better Than We Found It.” It’s been a wonderful ride!

Congratulations to the Circumnavigators Club Foundation

Scholars Annie Carson (Arizona State) and Elizabeth Larson (Northwestern) wave the flag.

The Around-the-World Travel-Study Fellowship Program has completed its 50th year, having sponsored 140 college students to circumnavigate over the past half century. The Foundation celebrated this historic accomplishment during the year. An outstanding video has been produced with much hard work by talented film maker Alex Van Stone and Anniversary Vice-Chairman Brian Evans, as well as other scholars, university partners, chapter coordinators, and Foundation officials, including, of course, Foundation President Greg Rider who was the first scholar 50 years ago. Well done and Thank You!

Link to the video

Chapters “Alive” Again

UK House of Lords…This fantastic annual event (which was cancelled in 2020) was a big hit in December 2021. In addition to the fine dining and camaraderie, the attendees heard an inspiring presentation by travel author Andrew Eames. The host for this event is Circumnavigator Lord Richard Faulkner who is a member of the House of Lords. Chapter President Helen Jenkins reports that there was a packed house (event is limited to 48) with Circumnavigators from far and wide. The dinner is held in the historic Attlee Room which is not open to the public, giving attendees the rare chance to see Parliament in a way that few others do.

UK House of Lords

Chicago Chapter members enjoyed a wonderful holiday event on December 4. 

Chicago live event

Michigan Chapter members got together for a holiday brunch and a chance to catch up in person. Floy and Lee Barthel were honored with the Globe award for sponsoring the Michigan Circumnavigators Summer Safari event for many years.

Michigan group
Floy and Lee Barthel receive Globe Award, accompanied by Circumnavigator Roberta Clemak.

Naples Chapter members enjoyed a festive holiday party at the Naples Yacht and Sailing Club.

Pacific-Northwest Chapter members celebrated the holidays with a fifteen foot Christmas tree. Will and Maria Mason hosted a wonderful dinner with unique and delicious dishes. 

Pacific Northwest Group

Palm Beach Chapter members had lunch at the Paradiso Restaurant and enjoyed author and lecturer Rene Silvin describe his experiences on the Concorde and the many famous passengers who flew on this fabled aircraft.

Palm Beach chapter
Caption: Chapter President Paulette Cooper Nobel and speaker Rene Silvin.

All Over the Map

all over the map jan 22

Circumnavigator Suzanne Frye (New York Metro) traveled to Dubai for the World Expo. Here she enjoys a glass of wine in the stunning waterfront setting.

Circumnavigator Jason Chang (Washington DC Chapter) took the Club flag on a visit to Berlin.

Jason Chang Berlin

Circumnavigators Norm and Susan Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) had a trip planned that Covid caused a challenge. The plan was to visit Morocco and Norway until both countries closed their borders. So it was on to Spain. Norm reports:

 “Adapting to all the changes required lots of wine (and great food.)  Here we are at the winery Gomez Cruzado in the Rioja wine region (the 3rd of 4 wineries that day) just south of Bilbo.  We also visited and tasted wines in the Madrid wine region, the Ribera Del Duero wine region, and sampled (OK more than just sampled) excellent wines.”

The Daileys Spain

The Last Shot

The Yale Club
Having vacated our Manhattan apartment after 30 years, yours truly and wife Dottie went to the city and stayed for the first time at the Yale Club, our official Club headquarters. It was a great experience. The Club was festive and the facilities were excellent. I would recommend the Yale Club for members who visit New York. It is a great perk for being a Circumnavigator. Reservations for overnight rooms must be made through Tracy at headquarters.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

House of Lords Dinner

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Dec 132021

The UK Chapter Welcomed Members and Guests to the House of Lords Dinner on December 9th. It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

The Naples Chapter Celebrates the Holidays!

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Dec 132021

December 2021 Circumbits

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Dec 012021

Happy Holidays

rose in snow
Thanks to Circumnavigator Ann Swinford for this recent photo taken in her yard in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We are hopeful that this holiday season will be joyous, spent with loved ones throughout the world. Best wishes to all our members, family and friends. Keep up our mission: “Through friendship to leave the world a little better than we found it.”

House of Lords Dinner

House of Lords

It’s been on and off several times, but UK Chapter President Helen Jenkins now reports the fabulous annual event is on for December 9th. We will have our fingers crossed and touch wood that the dinner will go on without a hitch.

Chapters Hold “Live” Events

The Pacific Northwest, Naples and Palm Beach Chapters all held well-attended in-person events in November. It’s exciting to see Circumnavigators getting together again as we move away from Zoom events and embrace the interaction and friendship for which our club was founded. Author and Adventurer Albert Podell (New York Metro) made a swing through Florida with his fascinating stories and photos.

Pacific NW Chapter
Pacific Northwest Octoberfest event. Shown in photo: Jim Farrell (President), Will Mason, Maria Mason, Charles Stotts, Tess Krasowski, Stefan Krasowski and Caroline Farrell. Everyone thought the sauerbraten was outstanding.
Naples Chapter
Albert Podell and Naples Chapter VP Rick Jennewine. Albert says his jacket is not for sale.
Albert spoke at the Norton Museum for the Palm Beach Chapter. Here he is with Chapter President Paulette Cooper Noble.

Photo Feast

Thanks to the Circum photographers who participated in the 2021 Photo Contest and raised money for the foundation. This year’s wrinkle was that photos featured food and dining. The photos were outstanding, judged primarily on interesting content. Shown below are the judges’ top four favorites. Click here to see all the amazing photos. 

Steven Barnett
Steve Barnett (At Large)
Yak Milk – At the Source – While on a motorcycle trip around Mongolia in 2014, I came upon this young woman in the process of her morning yak milking. Yaks are a major food source in Mongolia for everything from dairy products to meat. At this time, we were staying in yurts with a nomadic family and this was the oldest daughter of the household.
Pat Hammers
Pat Hammers (At Large)
Sunset and Wine in Hawaii – Pat took this shot from home in Honolulu at the top of the heights in Alewa where great sunsets are a regular daily highlight.
foufas pit stop
Tim Foufas, Chicago Chapter
Pit Stop, Uzbekistan – Car rest somewhere between Samarkand and Bukhara. I purchased roasted apricot pits to sooth my sour stomach.
Michael Puldy
Michael Puldy, Pacific Southwest Chapter
Diwali Dinner – Shot in Nepal on the eve of Diwali Festival. There was lots of energy in the city square as people were selling all sorts of food and supplies for the upcoming festival of Diwali. This woman had just purchased her prized bird. She had just received her tika on her forehead, and her beautiful black hair looked great against her purple sweater wrap.

The Last Shot

Red and Green Macaw
Thanks to Circumnavigator Larry Glick for this shot of an exquisite Red and Green Macaw. Larry is an avid bird photographer who took this shot in South America. More photos and his story of visiting the Pantanal will be featured in the next issue of The LOG.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

November 2021 Circumbits

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Nov 012021


Yes, the last couple of years have been challenging, but Circumnavigators have much to be thankful for. We wish all of our members, family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season.

Dinner at the House of Lords in London will be held on December 9th and there are spots open for this fantastic event. UK Chapter President Helen Jenkins reports that this will be the eleventh dinner hosted by the Circumnavigators. The speaker will be travel journalist Andrew Eames with his many stories from around the world. If you would like to make the trip to London for this event, please contact Helen through Club headquarters at club@circumnavigators.org.

Photographers Ahoy

As reported earlier, our photo exhibit is underway. This year photos will feature food and/or dining. The emphasis will be showing images of interest, not necessarily artful photos. The deadline is November 15. The exhibit supports the Circumnavigators Club Foundation. Please make donations are made to the Foundation, not the Club link.

“Just a lunchbox in Japan” submitted in a previous contest by Circumnavigator Sister GilChrist of Norway

All Over the Map

all over the map nov 2021

Circumnavigator Larry Glick (At Large, Texas) is known for his spectacular wildlife photos, especially birds. He just returned from a remarkable trip to an area of Brazil called the Pantanal.  It is the largest tropical wetland in the world.  There was also a side trip to the Amazon.  Larry added almost 500 new bird species, saw 16 Jaguars, Tapirs, Aint River Otters, Ocelots, a Tamandua, Giant Anteaters., Caiman, Capybaras, and many more. The next issue of the LOG will feature Larry’s adventure along with many of his stunning photos. 

Larry click

Circumnavigators Norm and Susan Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) have completed their trip to Saudi Arabia which they will recount in the next LOG.

During the visit, they climbed what passed for a road high into the mountain under Shada Al Asfal monument. There they had a traditional lunch in an abandoned village. It isn’t hard to pick out the Daileys in this photo!

Norm and Susan Dailey

Circumnavigators Sue Murphy and Suzanne Frye (New York Metro) kept the club cap moving through various parts of Italy. Here is the Circumnavigators cap at Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence.

Circumnavigators Howard and Amy Matson (New York Metro) prove that a travel adventure doesn’t have to be far from home. The Matsons took a round trip excursion from New York City to Albany aboard some 1947 equipment of America’s most famous train, the 20th Century Limited.  Cocktails in the Tavern-Lounge and then lunch in the dining car. Even the red carpet was rolled out.


Circumnavigator Michael Puldy (Pacific SW Chapter) made a recent trip to Germany where he participated in a vintage Porsche event. He said the trip went well without any hassles. As an aside, we congratulate Michael, a journalist and travel writer, for agreeing to take on new responsibilities for the Circumnavigators communication committee. Additionally, Michael did an interview for another Circumnavigator Regin Reyno who had a podcast program. Regin lives in the Philippines. Here is a link to the interview.

Michael Puldy
Circumnavigator Michael Puldy
Circumnavigator Regin Reyno

The Last Shot

Thanks to Circumnavigator Ann Swinford (Michigan Chapter) for this shot from Kenya. Perhaps we should call it: The End.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

October 2021 Circumbits

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Oct 042021
October 2021 Circumbits

Welcome to Beautiful Autumn

Colorful leaves shown here in Essex, Ct. photographed last year.

Hungry? New York Metro Event Highlights International Food

Atlas Obscura founder Dylan Thuras discussed his new book Gastro Obscura at a Zoom Event on Monday, October 4. The book features “Wondrous Foods and Intriguing Stories from around the world.” If you missed Dylan’s presentation, a link will be sent via email.

Attention Photographers

2021 photo contest

Our annual photo contest will have a new twist this year: photos of food and dining. The contest supports the Circumnavigators Club Foundation. Deadline for photos is November 15. Any good shot featuring food or dining will be welcome. A couple of examples from previous exhibits are shown above. Details will be sent via email.

All Over the Map

All over the map

The hat is on the move again thanks to Circumnavigators Sue Murphy and Suzanne Frye (New York Metro) who visited Lampedusa and Malta in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy.

Circumnavigators Ann Swinford and husband Mo El-Fouly (Michigan Chapter) visited the Galapagos Islands where Mo posed with a giant tortoise.

Mo posed with a giant tortoise

Circumnavigators Norm and Susan Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) don’t let any grass grow under their feet. Having recently been in Egypt, they are currently on another trip to Saudi Arabia. They also plan to visit Lebanon and Cyprus. Norm will give us highlights of this ambitious trip in the next issue of The LOG.

Norm and Susan Dailey visit Saudi Arabia

Best wishes to Circumnavigator Cynthia Bassett who embarked on an adventure to rural Pakistan but took a fall on the way and broke her arm in Doha. Cynthia is recovering after surgery in Cleveland.

The Last Shot

Thanks to Dottie Mink for this photo of the sunset in Lagos, Portugal.
Thanks to Dottie Mink for this photo of the sunset in Lagos, Portugal.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

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