Yes, the last couple of years have been challenging, but Circumnavigators have much to be thankful for. We wish all of our members, family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season.

Dinner at the House of Lords in London will be held on December 9th and there are spots open for this fantastic event. UK Chapter President Helen Jenkins reports that this will be the eleventh dinner hosted by the Circumnavigators. The speaker will be travel journalist Andrew Eames with his many stories from around the world. If you would like to make the trip to London for this event, please contact Helen through Club headquarters at

Photographers Ahoy

As reported earlier, our photo exhibit is underway. This year photos will feature food and/or dining. The emphasis will be showing images of interest, not necessarily artful photos. The deadline is November 15. The exhibit supports the Circumnavigators Club Foundation. Please make donations are made to the Foundation, not the Club link.

“Just a lunchbox in Japan” submitted in a previous contest by Circumnavigator Sister GilChrist of Norway

All Over the Map

all over the map nov 2021

Circumnavigator Larry Glick (At Large, Texas) is known for his spectacular wildlife photos, especially birds. He just returned from a remarkable trip to an area of Brazil called the Pantanal.  It is the largest tropical wetland in the world.  There was also a side trip to the Amazon.  Larry added almost 500 new bird species, saw 16 Jaguars, Tapirs, Aint River Otters, Ocelots, a Tamandua, Giant Anteaters., Caiman, Capybaras, and many more. The next issue of the LOG will feature Larry’s adventure along with many of his stunning photos. 

Larry click

Circumnavigators Norm and Susan Dailey (Washington DC Chapter) have completed their trip to Saudi Arabia which they will recount in the next LOG.

During the visit, they climbed what passed for a road high into the mountain under Shada Al Asfal monument. There they had a traditional lunch in an abandoned village. It isn’t hard to pick out the Daileys in this photo!

Norm and Susan Dailey

Circumnavigators Sue Murphy and Suzanne Frye (New York Metro) kept the club cap moving through various parts of Italy. Here is the Circumnavigators cap at Ponte Santa Trinita in Florence.

Circumnavigators Howard and Amy Matson (New York Metro) prove that a travel adventure doesn’t have to be far from home. The Matsons took a round trip excursion from New York City to Albany aboard some 1947 equipment of America’s most famous train, the 20th Century Limited.  Cocktails in the Tavern-Lounge and then lunch in the dining car. Even the red carpet was rolled out.


Circumnavigator Michael Puldy (Pacific SW Chapter) made a recent trip to Germany where he participated in a vintage Porsche event. He said the trip went well without any hassles. As an aside, we congratulate Michael, a journalist and travel writer, for agreeing to take on new responsibilities for the Circumnavigators communication committee. Additionally, Michael did an interview for another Circumnavigator Regin Reyno who had a podcast program. Regin lives in the Philippines. Here is a link to the interview.

Michael Puldy
Circumnavigator Michael Puldy
Circumnavigator Regin Reyno

The Last Shot

Thanks to Circumnavigator Ann Swinford (Michigan Chapter) for this shot from Kenya. Perhaps we should call it: The End.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

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