Welcome To Our New Members

Six Circumnavigators joined our Great Circle after the Board of Governors meeting in September. They are:

Chris Arnett, Manhattan, New York
Vaibhav Abhyankar, Tampa, Florida
Ian Danic, Manhattan, New York
Katherine Kehoe, McLean, Virginia—joins Washington DC Chapter
Shelly Krygier, Marco Island, Florida—joins Naples Chapter
Lynn Payette, San Diego, California—joins Pacific Southwest Chapter

…More about these new members will be in the next issue of The LOG.


Do you use Facebook? Join The Circumnavigators Club Group Page.

This social media giant has had its share of challenges in recent years, but it is a great way to share and communicate if the users use the right plan. The Circumnavigators Club has a “Group” page on Facebook that can only be accessed by authorized members and guests. The Group and its posts are secure and not available for other Facebook users to see. Here’s how you can join the Group if you are a Facebook user:

How to join our Group…If you already have a Facebook account, log on, then go to the search field in the blue bar at the top of the screen.  Type The Circumnavigators Club and hit enter. That will take you to the Club’s page. Click on the “ask to join” button. You will be asked whether you are a Club member and, if not, whether you have been around the world.  Within a couple of days, one of the “admin” monitors will approve your request to join.  The page is “closed,” which means that only those approved by the “admins” can post items on the page and see who is part of the group. If you are not a Facebook user, you will need to get an account first.

How we interact on the Group Page…What is the most interesting island you have ever visited? Second Vice President Brad Vogel asked this question on the Group page and we got a lot of interesting responses, including two from New York Metro members who said Manhattan and Staten Island. Here are some of the other responses: Mauritius, Malta, Papua New Guinea, Ocracoke, Maui, Autitaki (Cook Islands), Galapagos, Madeira, Newfoundland, Trinidad, Lanzorate, Zanzibar, Vito Levu, Vabbinfaru, Palmerston Island, Bermuda, New Caledonia, and others. Intriguing, isn’t it?


Club “Business” Cards Available

Members are entitled to free cards which are a great tool for spreading the word about the Club to potential members or friends. Just contact Tracy at headquarters at club@circumnavigators.org.


Scuttlebutt Online

For nearly a century, The LOG has carried a section called Scuttlebutt with news and info about our members. With the LOG only coming out twice a year, this news is far from timely, so we are now running Scuttlebutt on the website every month. Please send us news!

Artist exhibits in Tokyo

Circumnavigator Natalie Clark, a member of the DC Chapter and a noted artist, has a new exhibit in Tokyo. It is at The Container until November 26, 2018. Natalie’s work, called “Into the Curve,” explores womanhood and women’s rights. It transforms the confines of The Container into an interactive sensory environment, covering the entire interior of the gallery (walls, ceiling and floor) using traditional upholstery techniques. The work is intended to allow reflection on womanhood, fertility and femininity, and help to facilitate a discourse on women rights internationally and in Japan. It is inspired by the public and media rejection of the #MeToo movement in Japan.

Welsh Women Walking

UK Chapter President Helen Jenkins enjoyed a walking holiday in the Dolomites in Italy. She was with her walking group Welsh Women Walking. The banner was made for the group’s march in June to celebrate 100 years since some women got the vote in the UK. The banner now travels with them wherever they go. In the photo, Helen is on the right.


More “countries” for Circumnavigator

Albert Podell, New York Metro, went this year to the independent, but unrecognized, countries of Gaugazia, Abkhazia, Western Sahara, and Northern Cyprus. This, following Al’s earlier visits to Somaliland, Transnistria, and Antarctica, will tie Al for first place on the list Wikipedia maintains of the travelers who have visited the most “countries,” which includes several breakaway republics that are recognized as independent entities by only a few nations. Next spring Al plans to visit the final two.


The Last Shot

Helen Jenkins shot the long winding road in Italy on her walking tour.

Helen Jenkins shot the long winding road in Italy on her walking tour.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

David A. Mink


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