Endless Summer

There was a time when this writer found Labor Day to be a bit of a downer. It meant summer was over, back to school or work, and the end of those fun carefree summer days. That all changed when I became a “snowbird”, spending the winters in sunny Florida where it’s summer all year long. I am sure it is the same feeling for the hundreds of Circumnavigators who live in Florida or other sunny climes like Phoenix and San Diego. Even those members who live in colder parts of the world, winter is a great time to travel—especially to the Southern Hemisphere where it’s summer!


All Over the Map

It is always amazing how our members constantly travel to remote places in the world. The problem is that we often don’t hear about the trips. In addition to our mission to make the world a better place, The Circumnavigators Club is a sharing club. Let us know about your travels and experiences. Just a few are listed below in the Scuttlebutt section below. To make it easier, just click on this email davidamink@me.com and send us a word or two about your recent trips. If we need more info or photos, we will contact you by email.


You’re Invited to Parliament

There are still a few spots left for the annual dinner at the House of Lords, hosted by our UK Chapter in London on Monday, December 10. It’s guaranteed to be a special, memorable evening. If you want to attend, please contact Helen Jenkins at helen_jenkins@btconnect.com or club@circumnavigators.org.

Scuttlebutt Online

For nearly a century, The LOG has carried a section called Scuttlebutt with news and info about our members. With the LOG only coming out twice a year, this news is far from timely, so we are now running Scuttlebutt on the website every month. Please send us news!

Borneo Up Close

Circumnavigator Alice Lentzen, Riverside, Illinois, visited the heart of Borneo and was a bit dismayed to find the wildlife, including orangutans and sun bears, to be severely endangered. But, she found the people to be “friendly, honest and heartwarming.” She got the photo below of a fellow with his homemade cigarette holder. She also marveled at the spectacular caves and other natural formations. The other interesting photo below was taken from inside Deer Cave, the second largest cave in the world in Sarawak. Millions of bats exit at dusk and can be observed from a viewing platform. The photo looking out, shot by cell phone deep inside the cave, seems to show an image of Africa, and if you look carefully, the profile of Abe Lincoln.

Well done! 

Circumnavigators Arthur and Virginia Foster, Pacific Southwest Chapter, completed the End of Summer four-mile run from La Jolla to Pacific Beach. Virginia is the Chapter President.


Where in the world is Flint Island?

It seems like Circumnavigator Don Parrish has been just about everywhere in the world, but this year he traveled to the Southern Line Islands of Kiribati, which included Flint Island. Flint was discovered by Magellan on February 4, 1521, just 12 weeks before his death. Don was amazed by the large coconut crabs that hide in holes on the island. The crabs are estimated as about 60 years old and weighing 20 pounds. Don got a close up look but stayed away from those big claws.


Outer Banks Landing 

Executive Director Tracy Sancilio and her family vacationed this summer on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where her son Michael landed a good size shark on the beach.


The Last Shot

Proboscis Monkey in Borneo

Circumnavigator Larry Glick, Rowlett TX, has a serious hobby of shooting exotic birds and animals in the wild. He captured this shot of a Proboscis Monkey in Borneo. More of Larry’s photos will appear in the next issue of The LOG. Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

David A. Mink


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