February 2022 Circumbits
Roses in the Botanical Garden, Buenos Aires, Argentina

February is for Lovers

As another trying year moves on, it is important to remember the many people and things we love—family, friends, and, of course, our wonderful earth. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Klimt The Kiss
Circumnavigator Lisa Brighton (Michigan Chapter) views the “The Kiss”—famed painting by Gustav Klimt in the Belvedere Museum, Vienna, Austria.

The LOG Update

Our publication The LOG will be coming out soon, but there is still time to send us information on recent travel during the pandemic.  We will use the information in our column All Over the Map. Please send a brief description of your trip along with a photo to club@circumnavigators.org.

Circumnavigators Jack and Tina Nicholson (Naples Chapter) recently took two cruises in the Caribbean. Tina reports:

We went on two cruises three weeks apart.  The first one started on December 29 on Crystal and the second one started on January 28 on Oceania.  Two very different experiences from each other and from past cruises we have taken.

On Crystal, it took us three hours to get to the ship.  Long lines for Covid test, then waiting 30 minutes to get the text giving us the result.  Once we cleared that line we moved to the questionnaire part, filling out all kinds of forms.  Once on the ship, we were given a device that looked like a watch tracking all our movements.  Everyone had to wear it.  Some people did come down with Covid.  The device identified everyone they encountered and were immediately confined to their rooms.  We had our temperatures taken every night.  The staff had theirs taken three times a day.  Crystal captain kept apologizing for lack of staff as many had to be isolated due to Covid. Not much entertainment either again due to Covid.  The ship was at 40% capacity. We had to wear masks indoor, but wearing a mask outdoors was not mandatory.

On Oceania, it was a totally different experience.  The ship was at less than 40% capacity.  We were waitlisted until two days before the sailing date.  We were accepted only because we are Oceania club members.  The lines were very short.  The Covid test result came in 10 minutes.  There were about 500 passengers and 700 staff.  We had to wear masks indoor and outdoor.  We could go to any restaurant and the service was amazing.  It was a little sad to see 10 people in a restaurant with 500 capacity.  I attended a culinary class that did not allow us to participate in cooking or tasting the food.  It was just a demonstration but very interesting.

A very different experience in cruising but still wonderful.

New books by Circumnavigators

Circumnavigator Marilu Ramirez (New York Metro) has written a book: Travels with Marilu: A Spiritual Journey. The publisher notes:

Ramirez has deep roots in two cities: San Juan, Puerto Rico and New York City. And, yet, she is better understood as a wanderer, a veritable citizen of the world. Her passion is travel. She is never happier than when roaming the byways, country lanes, urban avenues, seascapes, and archaeological sites of terrains ranging from the rice paddies of Vietnam to the crowded plazas of Spain to Jordan’s ancient heritage sites.

In this book of photographs taken over the course of many years in 33 countries, she addresses the magic and intention of human activity as well as the sublime majesty of nature.

Travels with Marilu: A Spiritual Journey

Circumnavigator Albert Podell has done it again with his latest book: Muddling Through the Sexual Revolution. It is bound to be as hilarious and ribald as his previous books. It will be available in April.

Muddling Through the Sexual Revolution

The Last Shot

Circumnavigator Larry Glick (At Large, Texas) is a prolific photographer of birds. He has photographed nearly 6000 distinct birds around the world. He recently got a dream come true: his last bird in North America— The Phantom of the North- The Great Gray Owl, shot in Northern Minnesota with the temperature at minus 33 degrees F.

Do you have a good photo for The Last Shot? Please send to club@circumnavigators.org.

Luck to you!

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David A. Mink
International President

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