May 2016 Circumbits

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May 032016

250 Global Attractions: How many have you seen?

The website has a challenge that will appeal to Circumnavigators. Click on the link to complete this easy-to-use survey of (in their opinion) 250 top global attractions. Send your results to us by email to You can send it with your name or anonymously and we will publish the results in the next LOG. A few members have already taken it and, so far, 151 is the top score. We are sure this can be topped.

Special issue on Astronaut Scott Kelly timekelly

Honorary member Scott Kelly is one of eleven Magellan honorees who have been featured on the cover of Time magazine. Now Time has devoted a special issue about Scott and his year in space. It makes interesting reading. Congratulations to Scott for his amazing achievement and his latest honor.

Solar Impulse 2 back in the air


After a delay for repairs, the crew of Solar Impulse 2 is on its way again in their attempt to circumnavigate in an aircraft powered only by solar energy. Pilot Bertrand Piccard, an honorary member and Magellan honoree,  completed the second-most difficult leg from Hawaii to California. It took Amelia Earhart 18 hours to make this journey. It took Solar Impulse 2 nearly 63 hours to do it without fuel, 81 years later. Bertrand described the difficulty of this dangerous leg of the circumnavigation, during which he got little sleep and battled the cold. He and his copilot, Andre Borschberg, expect to complete their circumnavigation, in Abu Dhabi later this year. Follow the mission on as it crosses the U.S. and the Atlantic Ocean toward its destination.

Annual Meeting this month

Our 114th Annual Meeting will be held at the Penn Club in New York City on Friday, May 20. The meeting will be followed by a luncheon and guest speaker, adventurer Albert Podell. Details of the meeting are listing in the post below on this page.

LOG is looking for photos and info

We are still looking for great photos of Italy for our photo spread and cover. We also need info on member travels for All Over the Map. The LOG will come out early this summer. Please see the post in April Circumbits below on this page.

The Last Shot

The month of May means summer is coming. Circumnavigator Nelson de Goes took this photo from the Jersey shore.


Naples chapter hosts luncheon

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Apr 292016

At the April 10, 2016 Naples Chapter Luncheon at the Pelican Bay Club there were 75 people in attendance. Erik Meyer, Circumnavigators Club member, has gone around the world between 70 to 80 times!! Erik shared with us how to buy an RTW ticket for about half price. View the photos here.



April 2016 Circumbits

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Apr 042016

logTN2The Log Express is in the mail!

This issue has the Election Ballot for the new slate of  Officers and Board of Governors and information about our upcoming Annual Meeting,  as well as other Club news and features. If you do not receive your copy shortly, please  contact Tracy at headquarters.

Annual Meeting in New York on May 20…

The meeting will feature an exciting  presentation by adventurer Albert Podell and news and business of the Club and  Foundation. See this post for more information. We look forward  to seeing you at this event.

The LOG needs your help!

We are working on the next issue of our venerable  publication, scheduled to be published in the early summer after the Annual Meeting.  We are looking for news, stories and photos from our members. Here are some ways you  can help:

  • All Over the Map…Let us know where you have have traveled or if you have an  upcoming trip to report. Only a few lines are necessary and we always love to get photos  of members on the road. Please send this info to Tracy at or  by mail to headquarters.
  • Scuttlebutt…Let us know if you have any news to report, such as publications, honors,  awards or activities. Again, we only need a few lines sent to Tracy.
  • Do you want to be a cover photographer? We are looking for your best shot of  Italy for our photo spread and cover. Send us a photo or two by email and we will make  the final selection for the spread and the cover.
  • Are you a collector? Many Circumnavigators collect items from their travels,  everything from matchbooks to fine art. Please let us know if you have a special  collection to be included in an upcoming LOG story.

The Last Shot

Circumnavigator Henry Restarick took this photo “Sunset on the Nile and the Pyramids”


2016 International Annual Meeting

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Mar 292016

International Annual Meeting

Luncheon and Program
Friday, May 20, 2016

30 West 44th Street
New York City


We are delighted to have as our guest speaker

Albert Podell


Around the World in 50 Years

On March 24, 1965, Albert Podell embarked on a 581-day, 42,000-mile, adventure-packed expedition by 4×4 across 30 countries that set the record for the longest auto journey ever made around the world. During the next 50 years Podell visited every one of the rest of its 196 countries.
Visit his website to see the chronology of his travels, as well as other insider tips and photos.

(Guests and Prospective Members are welcome)

Print this information and RSVP form here.

Naples Chapter hosted Ann Compton luncheon

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Mar 232016

At the Naples Chapter March 20th Luncheon at the Pelican Bay Club, 138 members and guests attended. A very special and exciting program featured Ann Compton.  Ann received the Magellan Award in New York from the Circumnavigators’ Club last year.

Visit the Naples Chapter website to view photos from the event, or click on the image below.

click on the photo to visit the Naples Chapter website

click on the photo to visit the Naples Chapter website

Club featured on CNN

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Mar 182016

Is this the world’s most exclusive travel club?

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